Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Releases Guest Judges

Get ready to don your apron and grab your chef’s knife because Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 is back with a bang! This reality cooking show brings together amateur chefs who must decode clues left behind at a crime scene to guess what dessert was made. The contestants then have to recreate the dessert from scratch in hopes of impressing the judges and guest judges from other popular reality cooking shows. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at some exciting new guest judges for season 2 and all you need to know about them!

Who are the guest judges for season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen?

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 brings a fresh lineup of talented guest judges to the show. First up is Chef Carla Hall, best known as a former co-host on The Chew and Top Chef contestant. Her expertise in southern cuisine will surely come in handy when critiquing the contestants’ creations. Next on the list is actor and comedian Kevin Nealon from SNL fame. While he may have little culinary experience, his wit and humour will surely add some fun to the judging panel.

Pastry chef Sherry Yard also joins this season’s guest judge roster. With three James Beard Awards, she knows what it takes to create top-tier desserts that look and taste great. We have MasterChef winner Shaun O’Neale joining the team as well. As an accomplished DJ turned professional chef, his unique perspective on food and flavours will be valuable during critiques.

With such diverse backgrounds among this season’s guest judges, there’s no telling what kind of feedback they’ll provide for our Crime Scene Kitchen contestants!

What type of dishes will the guest judges be critiquing?

The guest judges for season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen are famous chefs, food critics, and authors. They bring their unique palates to the show and critique dishes that test the bakers’ skills. From sweet to savoury, the guest judges will critique various desserts and appetizers that challenge the contestants in every episode. Some examples include classic French pastries, creative cupcakes, intricate bread, and international cuisine like sushi rolls.

However, it’s not just about taste – presentation is vital in this competition. The bakers must create visually stunning dishes true to their clues and impress the regular judges and special guests alike. In addition to taste and presentation, creativity is highly valued in Crime Scene Kitchen. Contestants who think outside the box with unexpected ingredients or techniques may earn extra points from these experienced culinary experts.

Viewers can expect a wide variety of delicious and impressive dishes on season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen as our esteemed guest judges push each team’s limits with innovative challenges week after week.

How did the producers of Crime Scene Kitchen choose the guest judges?

The producers of Crime Scene Kitchen are always looking for guest judges with a passion and expertise in food. To select the best candidates for season 2, they considered several factors, such as their experience in cooking, personality, and ability to provide constructive feedback. They also wanted to bring diversity to the show by inviting chefs from different backgrounds. This year’s guest judges include renowned pastry chef Sherry Yard, Food Network star Curtis Stone, Iron Chef Cat Cora, and many others.

The producers also took into account which dishes each judge specializes in so that they could critique the contestants’ creations more effectively. For example, Sherry Yard is known for her desserts, while Curtis Stone is an expert in grilling. Moreover, establishing relationships with other reality cooking shows has allowed Crime Scene Kitchen to tap into a wider pool of talented chefs and restaurateurs willing to share their expertise on television.

Selecting guest judges is no easy feat but “Mastering the Art of Decision-Making: A Guide to Carefully Considering Multiple Factors” is essential for maintaining high-quality standards throughout every aspect of the show.

What other reality cooking shows do the guest judges appear on?

  • The guest judges for season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen are familiar with reality cooking shows. Some have appeared in other popular culinary competitions, showcasing their expertise and critique skills.
  • One of the guest judges is Richard Blais, a chef who has been a regular judge on MasterChef and Top Chef, among others. He is known for his innovative cooking approach and ability to spot flaws in dishes that most people would overlook.
  • Another guest judge is Jordan Andino, who has been featured on Food Network’s Chopped and Iron Chef America. He brings a unique perspective to the table with his Filipino-American background and fusion-style cooking.
  • A third guest judge is Nancy Silverton, an acclaimed pastry chef who has appeared on Holidays and Sugar Rush Christmas. She will undoubtedly provide valuable feedback when it comes to desserts.
  • Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 boasts an impressive lineup of experienced chefs as its guest judges. They bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives from other popular reality cooking shows, which should make for some exciting critiques in each episode.

What are some standout dishes from season 1 of Crime Scene Kitchen?

In the first season of Crime Scene Kitchen, some awe-inspiring dishes stood out for their creativity and execution. From sweet to savoury, the contestants pushed the limits of what could be done in a high-pressure environment with limited time. One standout dish was a decadent chocolate cake with a surprise raspberry filling.

Another memorable dish featured an unexpected twist on classic mac and cheese. Instead of elbow pasta, this contestant used mini penne noodles and added chunks of tender lobster meat for an indulgent take on comfort food. A third noteworthy dish from Season 1 was a beautifully plated dessert that looked like it belonged in a fancy restaurant rather than a cooking competition show. This contestant created delicate meringue nests filled with fresh berries and topped them off with whipped cream and edible flowers for an elegant finale to their meal.

Season 1 of Crime Scene Kitchen proved that even amateur cooks could create stunning dishes under pressure if they have enough passion and talent for cooking. We can’t wait to see what culinary masterpieces will emerge in Season 2!

Is there any crossover between seasons 1 and 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen?

  • Fans of the first season of Crime Scene Kitchen wonder if there will be any crossover between seasons 1 and 2. While the producers have not officially announced any crossover episodes, it’s always possible.
  • One possible way that we could see some overlap is through guest judges. Some guest judges from season 1, such as Curtis Stone and Valerie Bertinelli, are well-known figures in the culinary world and could appear in season 2.
  • Additionally, some of the challenges from season 1 may inspire similar challenges or themes for upcoming episodes in season 2. It wouldn’t be surprising to see contestants tasked with creating desserts disguised as savoury dishes or using unlikely ingredients to create sweet treats.
  • However, it’s important to remember that each new episode brings unique challenges and surprises. Season 2 promises to keep viewers on their toes with new twists and turns that we can only speculate about now.


With the release of Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2, fans eagerly await the arrival of some new and exciting guest judges. This season promises to be full of surprises from top chefs to celebrities.

As seen from season 1, the show’s unique concept brings out some truly creative and delicious dishes. With a range of talented guest judges set to critique these culinary creations, we’re sure to see some impressive results.

Whether you’re a fan of reality cooking shows or just looking for something new and exciting to watch, Crime Scene Kitchen is worth checking out. So tune in and let your taste buds do the judging!