Who are the Labrant family? “Pro-love” documentary sparks severe backlash online

If you’re a fan of YouTube, you’ve heard of the Labrant family. With millions of followers and countless viral videos, this family has become one of the most popular on social media. Recently, they released a new documentary to spread their message of “pro-love” to worldwide viewers. The Labrant Family Names And Ages But instead of praise and adoration, the film sparked severe backlash online. In this blog post, we’ll delve into who precisely the Labrant family is and explore why their latest project has caused such controversy in the online community. So buckle up and get ready for an inside look at one of YouTube’s most talked-about families!

Who are the Labrant family?

The Labrant family is a famous YouTube family consisting of parents Cole and Savannah and their three children, Everleigh, Posie, and Zealand. They first gained fame on the now-defunct social media app Vine before transitioning to YouTube, where they post daily vlogs about their lives.

Cole is a former Vine star turned YouTuber who often displays his love for his wife and kids in their videos. Savannah is an actress who has appeared in several TV shows and commercials. The Labrant Family Names And Ages Their oldest daughter Everleigh was born from Savannah’s previous marriage but has since been adopted by Cole.

In addition to documenting their everyday life as a family on YouTube, the Labrants have also released books and merchandise based on their brand. The family promotes positivity, kindness, faith-based values, and “pro-love” messages through their content.

While many fans love watching the Labrants’ videos for entertainment or inspiration, others criticize them for exploiting their children or being too perfect online. Regardless of your opinion of this famous internet clan, though, there’s no denying they’ve made quite a name for themselves in social media!

What is the

What is the “Pro-Love” documentary that has sparked a severe backlash online? The documentary follows the Labrant family, who have become internet celebrities with millions of followers across social media platforms. The Labrant Family Names And Ages Their content usually revolves around their daily lives and parenting experiences.

The “Pro-Love” documentary claims to showcase the family’s journey towards overcoming challenges in their personal and professional lives. It also aims to highlight how they’ve managed to maintain positivity and love throughout these struggles. They feel it presents an unrealistic portrayal of life as a parent or influencer.

Despite this backlash, some fans still defend the Labrant family and praise them for spreading love and kindness on their platforms. The Labrant Family Names And Ages As opinions continue to be divided into both sides, it remains to be seen whether or not this controversy will affect future endeavours by the Labrant family.

The severe backlash the documentary has received online

  • The “pro-love” documentary featuring the Labrant family has sparked severe backlash online, with many critics accusing the family of promoting harmful and outdated ideas about gender roles and relationships.
  • One of the main criticisms against the Labrant family is their focus on traditional gender roles, with mom Savannah often portrayed as a submissive housewife. At the same time, dad Cole takes on more traditionally masculine pursuits like sports and business ventures. This has led some viewers to accuse them of promoting harmful stereotypes perpetuating inequality between men and women.
  • Others have taken issue with how the family promotes their Christian faith, arguing that they use it to justify their beliefs about gender roles and relationships. Some critics have accused them of using religion as a smokescreen for bigotry.
  • Despite this criticism, however, many fans still praise the Labrant family for their positive message of love and acceptance. They argue that while not everyone may agree with all aspects of their lifestyle or worldview, we should still strive to show kindness towards one another regardless of our differences.

The Labrant family’s response to the backlash

The Labrant family responded to the backlash surrounding their “Pro-Love” documentary by addressing the criticism head-on. They emphasized that their intention was not to promote any specific agenda but to spread positivity and kindness. In response to accusations of exploiting their children for profit, the Labrants said they only share content with their fans voluntarily and never force them into anything. They also mentioned that all proceeds from merchandise sales support various charities and organizations.

Additionally, the family expressed regret over specific comments made in the film, which may have been interpreted as discriminatory or insensitive. They apologized sincerely for any hurt caused and promised to do better moving forward. While acknowledging room for improvement, The Labrant family remained positive and hopeful about continuing to inspire love and kindness through their platform.


The Labrant family has come under intense scrutiny after releasing their pro-love documentary. While they have faced severe backlash online, they remain a prominent and influential social media presence. Regardless of one’s opinion on the family or their content, it is vital to approach all media with a critical eye and consider its potential impact on viewers. As for the Labrants themselves, only time will tell how this controversy will affect their future endeavours in the entertainment industry.

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